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Details of Staff structure
Department of P.G. Studies Department of UG Studies Other Staff.
1. Professor Of P.G. 1. Professor of UG 1. Lab-Technician
2. Reader 2. Assistant Professor 2. Herbarium / Museum Keeper
3. Lecturer in P.G 3. Lecturer in U.G 3. Supervising Staff (Attenders , MP Workers etc.)
Objectives of the Department / Section :
The objectives of the Department related to the purpose the institution is brought into existence is as follows :

 >To preserve, promote and propagate Ayurveda, an off shoot of Atharvanaveda.

 >To Impart quality education to students to make them good teachers and efficient of Ayurvedic Physicians.

 >To Provide quality education to the students in Ayurveda system of medicine.